AllPress Espresso – Kiyosumi Shirakawa

Work Rank: ✏️✏️
Chill Rank: 📗📗📗📗
Wifi Speed: NA
Location: Kiyosumi Shirakawa 清澄白川
Power Outlets: 1
Price of a Latte:
Price of an Americano:
Food: Toasts, Banana bread

Kiyosumi Shirakawa has become quite well known amongst Tokyo coffee aficionados in recent years. The opening of Blue Bottle’s headquarters had seen a multitude of small cafes open up in the vicinity too.

The area has plenty of history with first mentions of settlement dating back to the beginning of the Heian era, some 1500 years ago. It’s littered with temples and has plenty of old-school Japanese charm.

So it’s all the more interesting to see global brands such as Blue Bottle and Allpress Espresso show up.

Working There

The space is quite small with 3 tables inside and two outside seating approximately 20. There are also two small benches with no desks. Most of the space is taken p by the impressive roasting equipment that spans two floors.

The decor is smart with plenty of glass and wood accentuated with dark metal and stone tones.

Sadly there’s no wifi and we only noticed one power outlet by one of the walls–we didn't ask if we could use it though.

Still, it didn't feel uncomfortable working there and we weren’t the only people with our laptops open.

The Coffee

We ordered a latte and a cold brew. The latte was, as is common in Japan, quite milky. The cold brew was excellent and perfect for the weather which was teasing some Spring heat.

The staff are very friendly and community vibes are strong. We noticed plenty of regulars drop by for a takeaway coffee, making small talk with the staff. Despite it being our first visit, they were very friendly with us too. It’s worth noting it’s very English friendly too, despite being outside of a typical CBD area.

They have magazines lined up and it seems like a good place to chill.

Other Notes

The area has a handful of well rated coffee roasters so if you visit, it may be worth café hopping to see which ones you like.

If lack of wifi and power aren't a dealbreaker it's a reasonable place to work from, although it may be better as a regular place to chill.

The coffee is good, the staff and friendly, and the neighbourhood vibes are great.