ARiSE Coffee Entangle – Kiyosumi Shirakawa

Work Rank: ✏️
Chill Rank: 📗📗
Wifi Speed: NA
Location: Kiyosumi Shirakawa 清澄白川
Power Outlets: NA
Price of a Latte:
Price of an Americano:

Nestled in a street between a small river and Kiyosumi Tei-en gardens, ARiSE Coffee Entangle is a neighbourhood café with ties to ARiSE, just down the road.

While it's unique sense of design carries over, compared to its sister cafe, ARiSE Coffee Entangle is larger with tables and a counter.

Trees from the park next door and the Kiyosumi Gardens envelop the view from the wide glass windows in the shop front. The wooden interior extends deep into the shop space, with the bar running along the side, putting the baristas squarely in the middle.

Working There

2 counter seats, 4 high seats by the wall, 15 table seats. Bench outside that fits four

It was abundantly clear that this is a neighbourhood cafe where locals come to chat with the knowledgable baristas.

The shop isn't large enough for voices to fade into ambient noise, resulting in a somewhat noise interior when the conversations head up.

While there was one power plug, it was taped over, and clearly not meant for customer use.

Between the noise, lack of wifi, and taped over power plugs it wasn't the best environment to work from.

The Coffee

Like it's sister café, they take their coffee seriously here. It's all pour-over style and they had 8 different beans to choose from. The staff are knowledgable and guide customers based on their mood or preference for a particular flavour.

It's worth noting that the coffee is very strong here and only comes black. If you're not into strong, dark coffee you won't enjoy this.

For those that enjoy a strong cup of coffee made by experienced baristas, this is the place for you.

Other Notes

This really is a place regulars come to enjoy a good coffee and chat with the baristas. The neighbourhood vibes were very strong. We even saw regulars coming in offering the staff food.

It's worth noting that they require one drink per customer.

The shop is full of character and sitting by the windows was very pleasant.