GGCo – Cafe in Kyobashi

Work Rank: ✏️✏️✏️
Chill Rank: 📗📗
Wifi Speed: 2.2Mbps
Location: Kyobashi 京橋
Power Outlets: Some
Price of a Latte:
Price of an Americano:

Settled off the lobby of the Courtyard Marriott, GGCo is a reasonable place to work from given the availability of wifi and power outlets. However the limited hours mean it's not an option for the evening.

Working There

The cafe has plenty of space with many tables both indoors and outdoors. A round table in the middle forms the central working area as it's the only place with power points build in. Sprouting from this middle of this round table is a tree, accentuating the high ceilings and tall glass windows. The result is a bright, airy space that's easy to work from, even when busy.

WiFi is reasonable, although it was a bit spotty at the seating area outside – if you need the WiFi stay indoors.

Other Notes

The coffee is Japanese style. Expect milky lattes and stiff blacks. It appears the pastries are well regarded here, although we didn't try any.

It also seems they have many seasonal specials so it could be interesting to try these on a repeat visits.

One point to note is that this is part of a hotel. In the evening the cafe turns into a space only usable by hotel guests. The bar across the hall was also a pseudo lounge for the hotel guests.