LATTEST – working café in Omote Sando, Tokyo

Work Rank: ✏️✏️✏️
Chill Rank: 📕
Wifi Speed: 21Mbps ⚡⚡⚡
Location: OmoteSando 表参道
Power Outlets: None
Price of a Latte: JPY500
Price of an Americano: JPY550
Food: Snacks

This coffee shop is kept coming up when we were looking for places to work from in Tokyo. When we arrived there were indeed many individuals working on their laptops.

Working there

The space is bright and airy with a high communal table marking the centrepiece of the cafe. Around this are smaller lower seats. There are also a handful of high-seats by the window which get a lot of light. It's worth noting that most seats didn't have backrests, including the low seats which were wooden cubes.

We worked from the high-table in the centre and managed to snag a high-seat with a backrest. If you don't mind that seating it's reasonably comfortable to spread out on the high table. It's also a good height for standing and working too.

The wifi was blazingly fast and didn't require any sign-up, just the password which can be found by the counter.

Seating space is approximately 20 seats, with 10 of those around the high-table in the middle of the shop. We visited on a Monday and it it never felt too crowded–we could put our bags on adjacent seats without feeling like we were taking somebody's space.

Given that so many people had their laptops out and were working it made it a very easy environment from which to work. It was generally quiet bar one group who came in for a drink and were a little loud.

The Coffee

Their signature coffee is called the LATTEST and is an espresso dropped into a shot glass of cold milk. We had one of these and a regular latte.

They also have flavoured versions of the LATTEST which we didn't try. The drink was good, although the milkiness is a little overpowering. The flavour really comes out in the after-taste. If you're after a stronger flavour it may be better to stick to a black coffee.

You have two choices of beans when it comes to your coffee – medium and strong. We chose strong for both.

To go with our coffee we had a banana bread which was reasonably good. You can ask them to heat it up for you too. They also had cookies which smelled great, but sadly we didn't have the appetite for.

It's unlikely we'll be back solely for the coffee, although I'd be curious to try the flavoured LATTEST drinks.

Other notes

The ambience definitely lent itself better to working than chilling. Bar one group everyone was quietly working on their laptops or notebooks.

The open space and spartan design also gave it more work vibes than curl-up-with-a-novel-for-half-a-day vibes.

Just be aware that there aren't any power outlets should you run out of juice.

It's worth noting that they require each person to purchase a drink, in case you're going as a group to work.

All in all, it was a good place to work from. If you need more comfortable seats it might be hard working there for an extended period. Luckily the area is surrounded by plenty of other cafés if you need to move.