Mercedes Me – Roppongi

Work Rank: ✏️✏️✏️✏️
Chill Rank: 📗📗
Wifi Speed: 5.5Mbps
Location: Roppongi 六本木
Power Outlets: A few
Price of a Latte: 400
Price of an Americano: 400
Food: Sandwiches, pastries

If cars and coffee are your jam, then Mercedes Me is an excellent, novel place to work from.

A few minutes walk from Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi this concept store blends showroom, cafe, restaurant, and bar all into one.

The bar is on the 2/F, the restaurant is in a separate area at the back, and the showroom and cafe share a space.

Tables are not just in the main area but encroach into the showroom area too. The sofas and tables can all be used – provided there’s no ‘reserved’ sign on them.

Working There

The large table in the centre of the cafe has power plugs on them and is popular as a result.

The wifi is fast and easy to connect to, although it requires reconnecting every now and then.

High ceilings and large glass panels let in plenty of light, making it a nice space to work from.

The cafe had a good mix of customers – businessmen in between meetings, freelancers working on their laptops, and friends enjoying coffee together.

Being a Mercedes showroom, there were plenty of people coming in to see the cars. The entrances are somewhat separated so it doesn't distract, although motorheads may find themselves distracted by the revving of AMGs when going for test drives.

Other Notes

The coffee was decent and we tried an espresso-cola. They had a huge corned beef sandwich which looked good, as well as toasts and pastries.

Staff were friendly and even helped us find a table nestled around the showroom. We heard them speaking with customers too in both Japanese and English.