Starbucks Takashimaya – Nihombashi

Work Rank: ✏️✏️✏️
Chill Rank: 📗📗
Wifi Speed: 10Mbps
Location: Nihombashi 日本橋
Power Outlets: None
Price of a Latte:
Price of an Americano:

Takashimaya boasts a 100 year history and like many department stores has a couple of floors dedicated to restaurants. After undergoing significant renovations, Takashimaya now spans 3 buildings, the Main Wing, East Wing, and New Wing.

Nestled in the corner of Takashimaya's New Wing, Starbucks is a reasonably good place to work from in Nihombashi.

Unlike many coffee shops in Japan, at this Starbucks they encourage you to take a seat before getting ordering your coffee.

Working there

There are two seating areas, 'outside' and inside the store. The outside area is in the floor space of the department restaurant floor. There are many tables here including large, low couches.

Unlike the rest of the department store, lighting here is subdued and furniture is darker, making it much better to work from.

The indoor area is smaller but by the windows which permits plenty of ambient light through. There is a very large counter top with exactly two high seats – highly recommended if you like having a lot of table space.

The abundant space means finding a seat should be reasonably easy. The wifi was fast and ambience good. The only downside here really is the lack of power outlets.

Other notes

Flooring in Takashimaya is a little confusing as it’s 8th floor of the main wing, 5th floor of the new wing and east wing. They’re all connected via a skybridge so you can get through no problem.

It's worth noting that this Starbucks has cold brew on tap and it's a popular item. The barista was friendly and we saw her conversing with customers about the cold brew. Her enthusiasm was genuine and added to the atmosphere.

The Starbucks opens late which is great, but note that the rest of the department store closes earlier. This means that toilet access is cut off after a certain hour and the Starbucks is only accessible via lift – the escalators are blocked off.