Sunday Brunch – Neighbourhood Café in Shimokitazawa

Work Rank: ✏️
Chill Rank: 📗📗📗
Wifi Speed: NA
Location: Shimokitazawa 下北沢
Power Outlets: NA
Price of a Latte:
Price of an Americano:
Food: Lunch sets–Pasta

Wandering through the narrow streets of Shimokitazawa, sandwiched between vintage-wear shops we come across Sunday Brunch, a cute café that seems a neighbourhood staple.

This cafe appears affiliated with Shaun the Sheep in nearby Kichijoji and Lea Lionni across town in Ginza.

Traverse up a short flight of stairs and you find yourself in a spacious, wood decked environment. A tall ceiling creates a relaxed atmosphere despite the exposed concrete.

The ordering counter is in the middle with both ends of the shop opening up to large areas with plenty of seating.

Working there

Given how large the space is we found no problem finding a seat. All the seats are cushioned with wooden backrests and most of the tables are reasonably large with plenty of space for laptops and other items.

Notably the cafe has bag baskets which helps organise your workspace without worrying about where to place your bag.

Unfortunately the shop has neither wifi not usable power plugs that we could find.

The clientele on a Tuesday afternoon appears to be predominantly women enjoying lunches and afternoon teas. There were also a couple of mums with their kids in tow, which erupted into a wailing session at one point. We didn't spot anybody else with their laptops open. There was a table behind us which looked like a bilingual book club.

It's a chilled atmosphere and there's plenty of space so it was comfortable to work from. We were however the only people working on laptops and the lack of power outlets and in particular wifi mean it's a tricker place to work from.

The Coffee & Food

We had a couple of iced lattes. Fairly standard Japanese style café-au-lait with a milky flavour punctuated with a distinct bitterness from the coffee.

They have reasonably priced lunch sets too. We had a pasta & doria set which came with a coffee and dessert totalling JPY1,050.

The pasta was a little salty but nothing really to complain about given the price point.

Other Notes

The abundant natural light is amplified by large mirrors on the wall, filling the cavernous, cathedral ceilings with a warm glow. Unique plants decorated across the cafe work well with the light wood furniture, both juxtaposed nicely with the exposed concrete walls.

The result is a relaxed atmosphere and makes for a comfortable environment to chill and read a book, or enjoy lunch with a friend.

The kitchen space is semi-open and visible from the cashier–it's always nice to see where your food came from and who made it.

They have a variety of good for sale too including teas, cookies, and coffees.

Given the nice environment it's a reasonable place to work from. Food availability means you could spend a decent amount of time there and there was little pressure to leave, with many tables staying longer than we did. The lack of wifi could be a dealbreaker for some though.